About Sonia

I’m Sonia, a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach who is passionate about eating delicious, whole foods and helping busy humans with their journey to optimum health.

With a background in Chemical Engineering and Banking, more recently I have been focusing on helping people just like you in the Health and Wellness space.

My own health challenges drove this more than anything (I have an autoimmune condition to manage) and in the process of completely transforming my health, I have increased my energy levels, decreased body fat, reduced my blood pressure and totally changed my mindset!

I’m an avid podcast listener, big fan of the beach, love family time with my hubby, son and daughter and really enjoy a good laugh with great friends.

I nourish my body with healthy food 80-90% of the time, never diet any more, and have moved on from my ‘all or nothing’ mindset.

I have a holistic approach to health coaching, and believe in JERF : just eating real food (think plants, trees, animals or grown in the ground).

I am based in Bayside, Melbourne but I also offer coaching by Skype or online.


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